Rugby Re-Classification

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After a successful review of its toxicological status the Registrar (Act36/1947) has approved the re-classification of Rugby® 10ME (cadusafos) nematicide.

Please note the following amendments:

  • Classification: Rugby® 10ME is now classified as a Group II – HARMFUL product
  • Labelling: Rugby® 10ME is now categorized as a YELLOW band product
  • Label amendments:
    Re-entry interval: Do not enter treated area within 1 day after treatment unless wearing protective clothing. For the first 30 days after treatment it is advisable that rubber gloves and rubber boots be worn when handling the soil and when irrigating.
  • Rugby® is an oil in water emulsion contact nematicide for the control of soil inhabiting nematodes in perennial crops (apples, pears, peaches,nectarines, apricots, plums, bananas, citrus, guavas, litchis, grapevines) and annual crops(chicory, pineapples, potatoes, tobacco).   

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