New Registration: Dantop 20 SC (l8612)

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DANTOP 20 SC (L8612) is registered at last! At a rate of 15ml/100L water this product will no doubt take care of citrus thrips and mealybug in your orchards!

More information on Dantop 20 SC:

  • The active ingredient is Clothianidin and belongs to the chemical group, Neonicotinoids.
  • Dantop 20 SC is stable at a pH of 5-9.
  • Dantop 20 SC is hazardous to bees but with the full cover application at 80-90% petal fall bees are not likely to come in contact with the product.
  • It is not hazardous for birds or fish.
  • Absolutely no repercussions such as citrus red scale outbreaks, red mite outbreaks orthe build-up of mealybug will be a problem when using Dantop 20 SC. 
  • The registered PHI is currently set at 120 days before harvest.

Philagro SA would like to thank all the Reps and farmers who waited patiently for this registration to be approved. We understand that a lot of frustration went hand-in-hand with the delayed approval of this registration and we hope that everyone would get the deserved benefit from using this product.

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